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Technico-economical control of manufacturing tolerances
Strategic focus
Modeling & Simulation

Safran Aero Boosters

European Metrology Systems

Research bodies

ULiège (AM)


Total budget

1,3 M€

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The aerodynamic market is a highly competitive market where the environmental constraints take an increasing place.  Mastering the part tolerancing will contribute to strengthening the Walloon industry by proposing more environmentally friendly products (with a lower consumption) without jeopardizing the currently high level of reliability and economic performance.


Project SW_MARIETTA aims at demonstrating this mastery of the tolerancing of aerodynamics parts of low speed compressors for turbofan engines.  To achieve this goal, it will implement new methodologies and tools in order to demonstrate the feasibility of including in the design process an evaluation of the impact of part tolerancing on the technical and economical performances of the low speed compressor.  


 It will also enrich the metrology analysis by integrating a direct identification of the principal modes of deviation from the nominal shape and their impact on the performance, leading to a reduced time and cost of waiver treatment.