One of Skywin’s main objectives is to help all aeronautics and space SMEs in Wallonia to make themselves indispensable in the advanced areas of the global market. To help companies, Skywin supports them in defining a commercial strategy and encourages the networking of companies.

The tools provided to SMEs by the cluster:

  • participation in international events: with the support of the Awex and in collaboration with the FIT, a Belgian group is often organised under the flag “Belgian Aerospace” during large events (Bourget, Farnborough, etc.).  Mention should also be made of the possibility offered to the cluster’s member SMEs to participate in the particularly attractive "Product Sample Booth" formula (PSB).  This very economical formula includes the presence of a delegate on site, a presence in the event’s official catalogue and the possibility of displaying a poster or a small showcase on a Skywin stand shared with other SMEs;
  • organisation of business meetings: Skywin regularly organises meetings with international customers.  In addition, the cluster organises official meetings as well as more informal get togethers during the events they attend based on requests from companies and/or suggestions from Awex agents;
  • industrial cooperation: when the federal government makes significant purchases, in some cases these public expenses give rise to industrial cooperation which may benefit the country’s companies.  This industrial cooperation is often the chance to create new long-term partnerships with international companies.  The cluster, in perfect coordination with the professional association of the EWA, coordinates actions aiming to help its members to benefit from these business opportunities;
  • structure of European research projects: Europe offers companies (large, medium and small) various financing mechanisms (FP7, JTI, Cleansky, Eurostars, etc).  It is not always easy for an SME to find this.  Skywin, in close collaboration with NCP-Wallonia, supports companies in these  project launch initiatives and in the quest for the most suitable financing.