Steering committee

A steering committee meets every three months. Composed of the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board, four industrialists, the cluster’s directors and general secretary, this committee is responsible for monitoring the cluster's general management, specifically the tracking of calls for projects.

Composition of the Steering committee

Name Function Organization
SMAL Jacques Chairman Skywin
PONTHOT Jean-Philippe Vice-président Universities
LANGER Hugues Member Sonaca
DUBOIS Marc Member Sabca
DUPREZ Vincent Member Safran Aéro Boosters
du PRE WERSON Thierry Member Spacebel
MILECAN Michel Member Research Center
WESTHOF Jean-Jacques Member Skywin
POURBAIX Etienne Member Skywin
FONDU Pierre-Jean Participant Skywin
BIEVELEZ Anthony Participant Skywin
STASSART Michel Participant Skywin
PRAET David Participant Skywin