Data economics and artificial intelligence

Picto Economie des données et Intelligence artificielle

This theme covers methods and tools for data processing and mining. Firstly, it covers the data economy and the specific integration of artificial intelligence. Second, it includes services related to data from earth observation (space, drones, etc.) and from test and maintenance benches. Finally, it supports the development of the industry of the future (Industry 4.0).

As a matter of fact, this theme is a provider of solutions to the other themes, such as design, simulation, production, operation, maintenance (especially predictive) and it provides the solution for everything related to the themes of materials / processes and structure / propulsion / subsystems.


Other themes

Structures, propulsion et sous-systèmes volants

Matériaux et procédés innovants

Systèmes embarqués et communicants

Simulation, modélisation et moyens d’essais