Executive Board

Skywin Wallonie's Executive Board comprises five representatives from large companies, four representatives from SMEs, six representatives from the scientific world and two representatives from sectoral professional associations, which are the EWA and Wallonie Espace.

Jacques Smal, Président du CA
Jacques SMAL, Président du CA


Composition of the Executive Board

Name Function Organisation
SMAL Jacques Chairman Safran Aero Boosters
PONTHOT Jean-Philippe Vice President ULiège
BURY Patrick Administrator TAS Belgium
JONGEN Thibault Administrator Sabca
VANHILLE Nicolas Administrator Sonaca
RENAULD Philippe Administrator Thales Belgium
TILMANT Michel Administrator GDTech
du PRE WERSON Thierry Administrator Spacebel
DEFISE Jean-Marc Administrator AMOS
BERTIN André Administrator Coexpair
JACOBS Geoffroy Administrator EWA
GRUSLIN Michel Administrator Wallonie Espace
VERLINDEN Olivier Administrator UMons
LIBERT  Anne-Sophie Administrator UNamur
WINCKELMANS Grégoire Administrator UCLouvain
HENDRICK Patrick Administrator ULB
MILECAN Michel Administrator Waltech (CRA)
WESTHOF Jean-Jacques General secretary Skywin
JEUKENS Véronique Observer Representation of the Gouvernement
VAN CALSTER Benoît Observer SPW - EER
CHISOGNE Jean-Pierre Observer AWEX