Chronology and process

Chronology and process

Each year, Skywin participates in two calls for projects targeting accreditation, one in the first half of the year and the other in the second.

The process includes two main stages:

  • selection by the cluster
  • accreditation by the Walloon government’s jury

Selection process

Letter of intent (+/- 4 weeks)

This phase allows your project to be considered and you to be given an initial opinion on its objectives, its content and its partners.

If necessary, Skywin can help you to find additional scientific or industrial partners.

The final letter of intent is submitted to the cluster’s steering committee

Preliminary draft (4-6 weeks)

This document describes the project more precisely, notably in terms of its phasing, impact and budget.

It is presented during a “ruling” meeting to validate the project’s eligibility.

It also serves as a basis for external expertise which aims to analyse and expand the prospects for the development of new markets for the project’s industrial partners with a view to the project's final draft.

Complete project (8-10 weeks)

This document presents the project in detail for each partner.

It is subject to a double analysis:

  • a scientific assessment of the submission by two international experts in the areas specifically targeted by the project.
  • an overall assessment, during an oral presentation, by Skywin’s Internal Selection Committee.

Based on these assessments, the cluster’s Executive Board makes a ruling on the selection of the project.  In case of a positive response, the latter may be submitted to the accreditation procedure.

Accreditation procedure

The complete project, accompanied by a positive opinion from the cluster, is submitted to the administration then to the government’s international jury.  This jury is common to all competitiveness clusters and gives its opinion to the government.

In case of a positive opinion, the project is accredited by the Walloon government.