The success of the aeronautics and space sectors in Wallonia is rooted in the region’s industrial history. In fact, these sectors are direct descendants of the prestigious Walloon metal industry which was one of the most successful in the world during the 20th century.

With more and more companies becoming active in aerospace, they decided to form an association, the EWA -  Entreprises wallonnes de l’Aéronautique (Walloon aeronautics companies). The EWA’s purpose is to maintain and reinforce the spirit and bonds of solidarity and professional collaboration between its members. The association is also a privileged contact for the Belgian regional and federal authorities for all aeronautics matters.

Wallonie Espace was created at the same time as the EWA, which, as its name indicates, promotes not only businesses, but also university services active in the space sector in Wallonia. Aims: to promote the know-how of the space sector, stimulate interest from the general public, young people in particular, encourage the exchange of information and develop a long-term strategy.

In 2006, the EWA and Wallonie Espace joined together to form the Skywin Wallonie competitiveness cluster.