COSME Space2Id Go

SPACE2IDGO is a 24-month European project (COSME) managed by Aerospace Valley which aims to export European space innovation to third countries via the use of satellite data from earth observation, geopositioning and telecommunications.


The sectors targeted are as follows: Mobility, energy, logistics, creative industry and agriculture.


It is the second step in a project launched in January 2016 with the SPACE2ID project. This project’s main aim is to implement the common strategic internationalisation plan agreed in 2016 by the consortium’s partners.

As a reminder, the 9 partner clusters are as follows:

Aerospace Valley (Fr),  si & gi-Cluster (Gr), Skywin & Logistic in Wallonia (Bel), CAT.AL, Tern, MAC, MREC


It aims to galvanise the presence of the clusters and activities of European SMEs in 5 priority countries: China, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Columbia and Chile.

Given the results of the SPACE2ID project, the consortium will focus its efforts on the market segments where the use of satellite data offers significant added value and accelerates the development of new value chains.

To achieve this ambition., the SPACE2ISGO clusters offer a “Fast track to internationalisation” service customised to help its members internationalise effectively.

A call to SMEs will launch the selection process for interested SMEs. A personalised diagnosis will take place to analyse gaps and their internationalisation needs.

The clusters will represent them in institutional missions abroad to open the first doors and establish contacts.

In Europe, the SMEs selected will be trained through specific workshops on exporting and the target countries. Twinning missions will be introduced to encourage the emergence of business links between SMEs.

Finally, the clusters will maintain the link by providing legal support for the conclusion of trade agreements.