Key figures

The Skywin Wallonie cluster represents some 7,500 direct jobs and 1.75 billion euros in turnover, 90% relating to exports.

Between its creation in 2006 and today, Skywin has seen its number of members increase significantly, from 86 to 148 establishments. Among them, there are 117 businesses (over 85% of which are SMEs) and 23 universities, research centres or competence centres.

Like all the competitiveness clusters, Skywin operates on a project basis. Since 2006, Skywin has seen 91 of its projects accredited by the jury established by the Walloon authorities. If we look at these projects more closely, 61 projects relate to R&D. There are 20 investment projects and 10 training projects. 273 million euros, with more than a third coming from private industrialists in Wallonia, has been invested in these projects.

Last but not least: Walloon aeronautics companies, which represent 70% of the Belgian sector, provide an average of 5% for each Airbus.


Labelized projects

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