Economic growth

Skywin has implemented various measures to increase the competitiveness of its members.

Skywin notably makes market studies from the Frost & Sullivan catalogue available to its members.

In addition, we note the development of the Mach process in Wallonia.  As a reminder, Mach was launched in Quebec in the early 2010s by the Aéro-Montréal cluster based on observations made within the local aerospace industry network: the aeronautics supply chain becomes global, the requirements of customers also become global, “small” suppliers risk being excluded from these global markets.

Obviously, these observations are also valid for Walloon companies. Hence the transposition by Skywin of the Mach programme in Wallonia offering SMEs involved an assessment of their current situation and an improvement programme to allow them to increase their level of maturity and overall quality. And thus reinforcing their competitiveness...

Specifically, a Mach project involves several stages. Firstly, a “cohort” is formed by several customer/subcontractor pairs. Then an improvement programme (coaching, training, consulting, etc.) is implemented by the customer/subcontractor pair. Finally, after a year, an additional audit is carried out to assess the impact of the improvement achieved and, if necessary, to continue the process.