Skywin regularly organises seminars, technological round tables and working groups with a view to encouraging discussion on the cluster’s strategic focuses or prospects for launching collaborative projects.

Depending on the audience targeted, these events will provide their participants with very specific information on a technical or scientific topic or an overview of a broader problem affecting the aerospace sector.

If we had to highlight a topic developed during these events, it would be Industry 4.0. This industrial revolution is based on technologies existing in industrial IT, IoT or connecting sensors. The implementation of an Industry 4.0 approach must be considered in its entirety by integrating, if necessary, new production processes as well as robotics and, above all, the idea that these technologies will continue to evolve over the next ten years.

In order to better support companies with their adaptation to Industry 4.0, Skywin has integrated the Made Different programme from Digital Wallonia which supports innovations related to the production process. The aim is to promote industrial production in Wallonia by making our companies more competitive.

Four other topics covered recently:

  • new aluminium alloys
  • coatings for aeronautics and space structures: future technological breakthroughs
  • Big Data
  • digital simulation: prospects
  • how to support the growth of SMEs Financing solutions in Wallonia for companies investing, innovating and internationalising
  • new machining trends and techniques in the aerospace sector
  • innovation for and by drones
  • testing equipment in the aerospace sector
  • cryogenics for space launchers
  • earth observation
  • microsatellites