Patria Belgium Engine Center (PBEC) is a one-stop shop for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (Depot and Intermediate) services, serving both commercial and military fleets around the world.

PBEC has served as an MRO Center of Excellence for the F100-PW for over four decades, currently supporting 15 air forces, including the U.S. Air Force.

Uniquely certified by the OEM as Authorized Overhaul Facility and by US Air Force as Source Approved, PBEC also offers spare parts provisioning and trading – with shorter lead times and off-the-shelf readiness.

Our excellence built over 40yrs of business makes PBEC capable of providing customizable services, repairs and assets management according to our customer’s needs.

Versatile and complete MRO solution

Our comprehensive in-house capabilities (NDT/NDI, Item Repairs, Module Overhaul) provide our customers with a

complete, single MRO solution resulting in competitive pricing and turn time, eliminating the need to rely on a

dispersed repair network.

Extensive choice of Non Destructive Testing & Inspections

PBEC is an ideal partner for NDI/NDT requirements.

Modern portfolio of repair capabilities

PBEC not only restores a wide range of components in-house, but our engineering team offers custom repair

processes and services according to customer’s needs.


Efficient spare parts provisioning & trading

PBEC can offer shorter lead times in hardware procurement with the ability to offer an attractive off-the-shelf new

and serviceable parts.

Smart selection of engineering & logistics services

As a reliable and knowledgeable partner, we provide custom services that aim to lower customers’ overhead cost,

such as material forecasting, configuration management, technical support and warehouse services.

Liège, a competitive logistics hub

Located in the heart of Europe, only a few miles from a major cargo airport, PBEC leverages this highly industrialized

area with an excellent infrastructure to offer more efficient transit time and lower logistics costs for our customers.