Belgium Engine Center (BEC) is a one-stop shop for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services for the F100-PW engine platforms. We provide a complete, single MRO solution through a wide range of in-house repair capabilities. Today BEC also offer its equipment's and tooling portfolio as well as its 40+ years of experience in Engine MRO activities to customers active in civil aviation.


A large variety of services for F100-PW users on one side &

An excellence center in Aircraft Engine Maintenance activities available for Civil aviation needs.

Versatile and complete MRO solution
Our comprehensive in-house capabilities (NDT/ NDI, Item Repairs, Module Overhaul) provide our customers with a complete, single MRO solution resulting in competitive pricing and turn time, eliminating the need to rely on a dispersed repair network.

Extensive choice of Non Destructive Testing & Inspections
BEC is an ideal local partner for NDI/NDT requirements.

Modern portfolio of repair capabilities
BEC not only restores a wide range of components in-house, but our engineering team offers custom repair processes and services according to customer’s needs.

Efficient spare parts provisioning & trading
Our close collaboration with the OEM, leading to shorter lead times in hardware procurement,
is complemented with our ability to offer an attractive off-the-shelf availability of new and
serviceable parts.
Smart selection of engineering & logistics services
As a reliable and knowledgeable partner, we provide custom services that aim to lower customers’ overhead cost, such as material forecasting, configuration management, technical support and warehouse services.

Liège, a competitive logistics hub
Ideally located, in the middle of an highway network, close to Liège Airport and close to major European major hubs (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, London).

50.6841531, 5.5804054