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Smart Integrated Guided Rocket Development
Strategic focus
Composites & Processes
Structures, propulsion et sous-systèmes volants
Space Applications & Systems / Drones

FN Herstal (Leader)

Thales Belgium

GD Tech

JD'C Innovation


Research bodies


CRM Group

Total budget

5,1 M€

Project type

The aim of the Smart Integrated Guided Rocket Development (SIGURD) project is to bring together FN Herstal (FNH), Thales Belgium (TBE), GDTech, JD'C Innovation and Sobelcomp, as well as the Sirris and CRM Research Centers to conduct research that will develop and integrate the Thales laser-guided rocket fire capability into the FNH's Aero-digital product range.

This project will focus on the integration of a rocket launcher module with the S-Pod range, mechanical and digital interfaces, a lens protection solution for the seeker device and the integration of the “Lock-On Before Launch” capability of the Thales guided rocket in the DAMS of FNH.

At the end of the project, the developments will be industrialized by the partners before its series production. The marketing will be done by the FNH and TBE through their respective commercial network. The project will have shared benefits for partners and help maintain and create jobs