Call number
Special Aerial Response Autonomous Helicopter (Long Endurance) 
Strategic focus
Structures, propulsion et sous-systèmes volants
Modeling & Simulation

Flying-Cam (leader)

Research bodies


Total budget

2,5 M€

Project type

In recent years, the market for Vertical Take-Off and Landing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (VTOL MUAV) has grown exponentially. To answer to the market evolution, FLYING-CAM developed an electrically motorized helicopter called  «SARAH» pushing technology to the state-of-the-art on the world map.

The market has pushed Flying-cam to launch a research that will extend their knowledge to develop a long-range version of the Flying-Cam III SARAH. This new functionality will address, for example, the needs of civilian  and homeland security  applications.

The project's objective is to achieve a range of 2 hours flight for a portable platform VTOL MUAV with 25 kg take-off weight and payload of 5 kg.
To achieve this objective, the following research will be conducted:

  • Research for increasing the rate of discharge of the Fuel Cell.
  • New propulsion with hybrid or fuel cell engine.
  • Development of dedicated software in simulation of miniature helicopter rotor (for Numflo company) .
  • Main rotor aerodynamic optimization using numerical simulation (CFD) and tests in order to obtain maximum performance, both in terms of stationary and translation flight
  • Research on intelligent activation of the anti-torque in case of shutdown during the flight.
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