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Development of laminar wing technologies for reducing fuel consumption of commercial aircraft
Strategic focus
Composites & Processes
Structures, propulsion et sous-systèmes volants
Modeling & Simulation

SONACA (Leader)



Micromega Dynamics

Research bodies



Materia Nova

Von Karman Institute

Total budget

5,5 M€

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In a context of significant growth of air traffic, aircraft manufacturers face new economic and environmental challenges of commercial aircraft.  LAWITECS project, bringing together manufacturers such as SONACA, IONICS, MICROMEGA DYNAMICS and LASEA, proposes to develop Natural Laminar Flow technology applied to the wing leading edges in order to reduce fuel consumption of a medium-haul type A320 aircraft between 5 and 12% by 2025.

This NLF technology requires reviewing the current wing profile and developing new geometric and structural concepts of structural parts to ensure a precise shape in flight. To achieve the very high surface quality required by this technology, new coatings will also be developed.

In the same time, numerical and experimental tools will be developed by research and academic partners of the project to understand the sensitivity of airflow to surface defects and to quantify the degradation of properties generated by the environment.