Call number
Earth Observation for the Regions
Strategic focus
Space Applications & Systems / Drones

Spacebel (leader)

Research bodies

Ecole Royale Militaire

Total budget

1,7 M€

Project type

Taking advantage of ambitious ESA programs such as the SENTINEL European mission, the SW_EOREGIONS project’s main objective is to develop a range of innovative services in the field of Dynamic Territory Monitoring. Those services will target both professional (experts) and non-professional  users. 

In order to reach this objective, the project must:

  • Setup an infrastructure for data storage and analysis (of BIG DATA type)
  • Develop new methodologies and services linked to SENTINEL data (such as change detections, floods, etc.)
  • Develop new skills to deal with incoherent data in order to compute services accuracy and ensure safe and correct use of the data
  • Develop a proper data structure that ensures fast and efficient data mining for exploitation by non-expert users
  • Share and reuse of data and services based on innovative business model that should allow low cost data handling for low cost Earth Observation
  • Use existing or available geospatial data on the GeoGateway (tool that will be developed and used for commercial services).
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