Call number
Wallonia World Wide Space Applications
Strategic focus
Systèmes embarqués et communicants

Spacebel, Vitrociset, Creaction, Ulyces, Amos, Walphot, Ionic Software, WSLux

Research bodies

APC, Aquapole, CSL, Cetic

Total budget

2,8 M€ (R&D)
0,2 M€ (Training)

Project type

The 3WSA project aims mainly at creating a nerve centre in Wallonia, focused on space applications (GALILEO, GMES, TELECOM) intended for the European or even global market, by merging several coordinated industrial and commercial initiatives around existing technical infrastructures (particularly the ESA Station at Redu), i.e.:

  • a reference platform addressing issues of Safety, Environment,Mobility, Natural Resources and Disasters;
  • a European communication centre for secured broadband messages;
  • a European reference centre to manage industrial risks in high-risk sites of the SEVESO type, as well as the transportation of hazardous materials;
  • an incubator, WSLux, intended to support the Walloon initiatives
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