The WAN is an “assembly ground” of training. The WAN relies on different partners, such as centres of competency, aeronautical schools, Belgian Air Force and major players of industry (SONACA, SABCA...). The WAN covers all the needs of the aerotechnical sector.

PRODUCTION. All technologies and methodologies linked to design, manufacture, repair and inspect cells, engines, avionics. Such as: CAD/ CAM (CATIA v5 & v6), analysis and functional dimensioning, operating gamuts, process understanding and assembly techniques (metallic/ composite), non destructive testing, finite element analysis and resolution methods (SAMCEF/ NASTRAN), quality (EN9100/EN4179), Lean Manufacturing, SPC methodologies...

MAINTENANCE. Trainings for jobs in airports or industrial aeroplane workshops, propulsion mechanisms, onboard equipment. Approved as official training centre (EASA BE.147.002), the WAN provides recognised (meets EASA Part-147 requirements) basic training for Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance License A1, A2, B1.1, B1.2, B2 and aircraft type training for Airbus or Boeing ranges for B1.1, B2 and C. Many others tailored courses and exams are possible in French or English. For its training, lectured by highly qualified senior instructors, the WAN owns a functional Boeing 727 and various aircraft parts, engines, avionics.

AUTOMATED FIBER PLACEMENT. An AFP machine manufactures complex shapes using composite material. An Ingersoll AFP is installed at SONACA facilities. The centre is able to conduct research for advanced aerospace applications and industrial process development. The WAN’s main target is to train specialised people using AFP technology.