With more than 3000 researchers and an annual research budget of 225 M€ (European, national and regional programs), the research is a true driving force behind UCLouvain’s activities. The Knowledge and technology transfer office of UCLouvain can advise you to find the most appropriate contact especially for expertise that does not appear hereafter.


Composites, hybrids and architectured materials

Structural / Bio-sourced / Nano-composites, Hybrid materials, Functional properties, Coatings, Mechanical behaviour, Tribology, Thermosets & thermoplastics - Thomas PARDOEN

Polymers and functional surfaces

Polymer morphology and processing, Smart coatings - Alain JONAS

Nanomechanics and nanophysics

Materials characterisation, Atomic force microscopies - Bernard NYSTEN

Materials manufacturing

Metal Processing, Metal additive manufacturing, Friction stir welding, Friction stir processing, Plasticity & Damage - Aude SIMAR, Thomas PARDOEN, Pascal JACQUES

Sciences and engineering

Centre for Space Radiations

Planets, Inside, Rotation, Internal geophysics, Space Radiation - Véronique DEHANT

Cosmology, Universe and Relativity at Louvain

Cosmology, Gravitation, Universe Sciences - Christophe RINGEVAL

Neural control of movement

Dexterous manipulation, Motor control, Microgravity, Parabolic flights - Philippe LEFEVRE

Mathematical Engineering

Optimization and Control, Graph theory, Collaborative / Multi-agent / Decentralized systems - Raphaël JUNGERS, Julien HENDRICKX


Mechatronic, Electrical Energy, and Dynamic Systems

Optimal design and control of electrical actuators and electrical drives, Multibody and Multiphysics Modeling, ROBOTRAN software - Bruno DEHEZ, Paul FISETTE


Experimental biomechanics, microCT imaging, 4DmicroCT, Mechanical testing, Contrast-enhanced microCT - Greet KERCKHOFS

Civil and environmental engineering

Drone-Based Additive Manufacturing, Robonumerization of the construction, Geophysical & environmental fluid dynamics, UAV-based photogrammetry - Pierre LATTEUR, Sandra SOARES FRAZAO

Fluid mechanics

Multi-phase flows, Reacting flows, Propulsion, Numerical modeling, HPC - Miltiadis PAPALEXANDRIS

Turbulence and Vortical Flows, Aerodynamics and Control

Numerical Methods, Scale Resolving Simulations, Wake Flows, Wind Turbines, Collaborative Control of Distributed Systems, HPC - Philippe CHATELAIN, Grégoire WINCKELMANS

Earth observation and climate

Environmental Sciences, Environmetrics and Geomatics

Optical and SAR Remote Sensing Algorithms Development, Agriculture and Forest Monitoring, UAV systems, GPR - Pierre DEFOURNY, Sébastien LAMBOT, Quentin PONETTE

Geography, Land use change monitoring

Remote sensing of agriculture, Forest cover and other land use / land cover changes, for understanding drivers of land-use change - Patrick MEYFROIDT

Earth system science

Tipping points, Optimal decision, Anthropocene trajectories - Michel CRUCIFIX

Information & Communication Technologies

Communication Systems and Networks

Signal Processing for Communications, Estimation (synchronization) and Detection, Positioning & localization, Radar - Luc VANDENDORPE

Electronic Circuits and Systems

Radiation effects and hardening, Design & Characterization, CMOS, Sensors, Ultra-low power microsystems, Térahertz - Dimitri LEDERER,  Denis FLANDRE, David BOL, Laurent FRANCIS

Microwave Engineering and Applied Electromagnetism

Satellite communications, Antenna arrays, Meta-materials/surfaces, Radar, Computational electromagnetics, Christophe CRAEYE, Claude OESTGES

Secured systems engineering

Software vulnerability detection, Malware detection, Blockchain, Formal methods, Software/model based testing - Axel LEGAY

Crypto group

Cryptography and information security, Embedded systems, Efficient and secure implementations - François-Xavier STANDAERT, Olivier PEREIRA, François KOEUNE

Networked systems security

Security of communication networks and networked applications, IoT, Anomaly and intrusion detection - Ramin SADRE

Cloud and Large Scale computing

Distributed systems, Systems security, Dependability, Blockchains - Etienne RIVIERE

IP Networking

Lab Internet Protocols, Multipath TCP, Multipath QUIC, Satellite-based internet access - Olivier BONAVENTURE

Louvain Verification Lab

Functional Requirements Coverage, Autonomous space-bound applications - Charles PECHEUR

Technological platforms

Cyclotron Resources

Centre Radiation testing, Electronics, Cyclotron, ESA external test facilities - Nancy POSTIAU

Lasers & Optics

Laser, Optical characterization, Spectrometry, Spectroscopy - Clément LAUZIN

Micro- and Nano-Fabrication Platform

Electronics, Micro- and nano-fabrication, 1000 m² cleanroom - Christian RENAUX, Sorin MELINTE, Sébastien FANIEL

Surface Characterisation

Surface characterisation, ToF-SIMS, XPS - Arnaud DELCORTE, Claude POLEUNIS, Pierre ELOY

Wallonia Electronics and Communications Measurements

Electrical and electromagnetic characterization (DC - 130 GHz), Micro- and nanotechnology, Anechoic chamber - Pascal SIMON, Valeriya KILCHYTSKA

Microscopic Characterization of functional and nanostructured materials

Optical, electron and scanning probe microscopies, FTIR and Raman spectroscopies - Luc PIRAUX, Delphine MAGNIN

Structural Molecular Analysis

RMN, Mass spectroscopy, XRD, Chromatography - Yaroslav FILINCHUK, Koen ROBEYNS

Processing and Characterisation of Inorganic materials

Processing of metallic materials, Shaping and forming, Microstructure characterisation and analysis, (micro)Mechanical testing - Marc SINNAEVE, Pascal JACQUES

Human sciences

Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Legal Sciences

Tech law, ethics and anthropology, Privacy, Intellectual property - Christophe LAZARO, Alain STROWEL