Sirris, the Collective Center for the Belgian technological industry.

Sirris is the collective research center of the technological industry created to strengthen the competitiveness of this sector through technological progress and innovation.

By offering its services, Sirris helps companies in a targeted way to make the transition from technological know-how to marketable innovations. With 70 years of experience, field expertise, practical help and tailor-made information, Sirris helps its members to progress.

We can offer several key assets for industry that want to remain innovative:

  • a pool of experts in all relevant disciplines, for example: intelligent, lightweight or miniaturized product design; software engineering; mechatronics; data processing
  • many contacts in a solid network with the academic world and industry
  • several specialized labs, for a quick assessment of feasibility:
    • Smart Connected Innovation Lab > for products with software components
    • Product Development Hub > for intelligent, lightweight, or miniaturized products
    • Software Engineering Lab > for products with a high software component
    • Data Innovation Lab > for challenges in the field of data analysis
    • Mechatronics experts
  • a holistic view of value and technology chains
  • continuously updated knowledge on key technologies and processes
  • a long list of references
  • several demonstrators illustrating the challenges and opportunities