ID2Move is a center of excellence for Autonomous Systems with the best equipped et most diversified indoor and outdoor test zones in Europe.

ID2Move supports the development of aerial, ground and maritime autonomous systems (with a specialization in drones) and the innovative technologies around (AI, IoT, sensors, etc.).

The indoor zone measures 670 sq. m. and is 8 m high. The floor is fully removable and can be fitted with sensors. Inside this room, a 10x10x6 m block is equipped with motion capture cameras.

The outdoor area consists of 4 ha of tarmac, to which a 2 ha automobile circuit managed by the RACB (Royal Automobile Club Belgium) can be added.

The outdoor fly area is a fully-managed restricted zone of 606 ha (EBR 67). It covers an industrial area, urban district, agricultural fields and highways. Flying over railway, forest and quarry is also possible and in the near future, over a wind turbine.

A warehouse with cold rooms is available for logistic tests.

The underwater test zone is twofold: artificial in an indoor 3m-deep pool and natural in a former red marble quarry.

Offices, a coworking space and meeting rooms are available for hire.

Our Maker Space includes 3D printers, CNC machines, 3D scanner.

In-house coaches for technical support and business advice are available.

Highly-skilled PhDs from Brussels University (ULB) are on the spot if needed.

Networking events and high-level seminars are frequently organised.

The ID2Move international network is shared with our customers.