Flying-Cam has been the world leader in providing 25 Kg-150 Kg UAS VTOL system for the civil industry since 1988. We are now expanding to several markets: Industry, Military, Academic, Govern- ment, Entertainment. The vertical competence are the best asset for developing and selling breakthrough unmanned helicopter solutions.



Founded in 1988 by  Emmanuel  Previnaire in Liege, the company Flying-Cam SA is an Award-Winning company and world leader in developing high fidelity Unmanned Airborne Solutions with proprietary Flying-Cam Airborne Robotic Engineering Technologies.

Well-known firstly in the niche film industry, Flying-Cam had worked for blockbusters such as James Bond, Mission Impossible, Harry Potter, Oblivion, Prisoners, Da Vinci Code, Transformer, Game of Thrones … etc.

Strictly adhering to aviation standards, embracing with 30 years field experience for over 1000 projects in more than 75 countries, FLYING-CAM is now offering its “Super Drones”, named SARAH and DISCOVERY, fully integrated with the state-of-arts sensors carefully chosen to match the supreme platform quality for a variety of applications ranging from Entertainment Industry, Homeland Security, Earth Monitoring to High Precision Remote Sensing.

Flying-Cam is dedicated to develop, manufacture and sell the high-end “SARAH” system, Special Aerial Response Automatic Helicopter. This is an unrivaled cutting-edge “Unmanned Aerial Intelligence” solution and only possible by mastering all the technologies and skills involved: helicopter platform, centimeter precision guidance, navigation and proprietary control system (autopilot), payload integration, human-machine interface design, training, maintenance and field operations.