The DECUBE group is active in technical trades that integrate infrastructure works in the fields of energy, construction and industrial coating.

Founded in 2004, the group now has 8 subsidiaries in Wallonia-Belgium and one in France, and employs nearly 350 people.

The group consists of industrial painting companies such as MONNAIE S.A., Monnaie France SAS, & BELGIUM COATINGS, the civil engineering companies MACLOT GC & TERRASSEMENTS BELLEFLAMME, PLASTURGIE LAZZERINI and the engineering office DECUBE CONSULT.

Some are active in the defense and drone sector.

This is the case of BELGIUM COATINGS, a company specializing in surface treatment and industrial coating. The company has invested in cutting-edge technologies in its 12,000 m² of workshops to respond quickly to market trends and demand. It is equipped with a high-finish paint unit capable of meeting the quality standards required by the defense.

Belgium Coatings also received the title of Ambassador "Made Different, Digital Wallonia, Factories of the future". This title rewards more than 40 years of innovative initiative and technological research in its field of activity.

PLASTURGIE LAZZERINI, specialized in the manufacture of composite material parts, manufactures covers for the aviation and transport industries. It can also produce custom parts from small to large series using polyurethane injection technology. Plasturgie Lazzerini produces for instance hubcaps, wing towers, fins, calenders, etc., in different textures and finishes.

The industrial painting company MONNAIE and the high and medium voltage expertise office DECUBE CONSULT are specialized in the construction and maintenance of High Voltage pylons. These entities have joined forces in a high voltage line maintenance project using drones.

Finally, the DECUBE Group has set up an R&D unit which works specifically on innovation projects around three themes : embedded technologies, digitalization and energy.

In that respect, a first partnership was born within the framework of a labeled project.  Il aims to develop and apply specific coatings to increase the stealth of armored vehicules.