Small satellites, data & insights

 Activities and experience

Aerospacelab is a Belgium "new space" scale-up founded in 2018  by Benoît Deper. The company’s vision is to enhance efficiency across markets by making geospatial intelligence both actionable and affordable. With the objective of becoming the European leader in satellite-based intelligence, Aerospacelab follows a vertically integrated approach, developing expertise both in upstream and downstream markets.   

Aerospacelab, therefore, offers solutions to customers in three distinct markets:  

• Satellites  

• Data (satellites’ imagery)  

• Insights (solutions based on artificial intelligence applied to satellites’ imagery)  

The company currently employs more than 180 full-time employees, and has an satellite assembly line close to its Mont-Saint-Guibert offices. In 2025, it will open a megafactory in Charleroi.”

Technologies and products

Aerospacelab develops cutting-edge tools to automate a broad range of tasks ranging from surveying to monitoring. It processes heterogeneous datasets composed from various sources and can also customize the tools to incorporate your own proprietary datasets.

Aerospacelab offers high-performance satellite platforms, up to 150kg, for a pricing comparable to current 12U CubeSats. Leveraging investments already made for our own constellation's deployment, we have the capacity to design, manufacture, integrate and test 24 platforms a year with an unmatched performance-to-cost ratio. Platforms can accommodate various payload types, fulfilling demands from Institutional and Commercial actors. Our satellites are equipped with a variety of sensors collecting high-resolution optical data multiple times per day on selected target areas. Tasking and archive imagery products will be available soon, with an optional extra layer of AI and machine learning to speed up your findings.