Next Generation Combat Aircraft Technologies (NGCAT) R&D call for proposals

Next Generation Combat Aircraft Technologies (NGCAT)

R&D call for proposals


Information Day : 7 May 2024 – 13h30

RMA, Brussels


Recognizing the importance of air combat capabilities in the context of fostering a European strategic autonomy and considering the strong position of the Belgian Defence Technological and Industrial Base (BDTIB) in the aeronautical sector, Belgium has prioritized investment in Next Generation Combat Aircraft Technologies as one of its 15 strategic technological domains under the Defence, Industry and Research Strategy (DIRS).

In alignment with this strategy, the Belgian Government is exploring to participate in the German, French, Spanish Next Generation Weapon System / Future Air Combat System (NGWS/FCAS) development programme.

Subject to the approval by the Council of Ministers, the Royal Higher Institute for Defence (RHID), in cooperation with the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO), will launch a thematic call for research and development proposals in the field of Next Generation Combat Air Technologies (NGCAT) to effectively position the BDTIB for these collaborative development opportunities.

This specific NGCAT call aims to provide Belgian stakeholders the opportunity to explore and develop technologies that could add value to the development of next-generation air combat capabilities in general, and to the German, French, and Spanish NGWS/FCAS programme in particular.

The R&D call encompasses 4 technology domains: 

Structures and associated subsystems

Propulsion and accessories

Communication, cyber, avionics, embedded sensors and networks

Transversal disruptive enabling technologies

An information day will be held on 7 May 2024, starting at 13h30 at the Royal Military Academy. 

More information on the programme and the registration form are available on the DEFRA website.

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