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Dans les applications aéronautiques et spatiales les besoins en régulation de température augmentent (avion plus électrique, satellites grandissants) et les systèmes actuels de régulation atteignent leurs limites.

MPL2030 vise l’étude et le développement d’un système de transfert de chaleur encore nouveau dans ces domaines d’application : la boucle diphasique à pompage mécanique (MPL diphasique).

Les systèmes diphasiques de transfert de chaleur, les meilleurs en termes de performances, ne sont pas encore utilisés dans l’aéronautique.


Sichem stands out by offering high-quality coatings that meet the specific requirements of its customers in terms of wear resistance, adhesion, and durability. The company invests in research and development of new technologies to stay at the forefront of innovation. Close collaboration with customers enables expert advice to be offered to meet the specific needs of each client.


ID works together with its affiliate Desimone to offer a wide range of services to our industrial customers. We have a vast experience in R&D and innovation programs, that allow us to support you at a very early stage of the conception of an automated production system, including most industry 4.0 technologies.


One of our key specialties is the full automation of Quality Control and NDT processes, mastering techniques such as Eddy Current, industrial vision, contactless metrology, etc and integrating them in custom made machines.



Headquartered in Brussels, and founded in 2016, VEOWARE developed a unique scalable-by-design microCMG, miniaturizing technology that has traditionally been adopted for larger satellites, enabling high-agility maneuvering for small satellite applications such as Earth Observation, Communication, Space Situational Awareness and In-Orbit Servicing. The VEOWARE team can also provide mission analysis support, define ACS requirements, simulate required attitude and propose a suitable ACS design to meet mission requirements.”


The highly skilled team of engineers benefits from the Japanese group's long experience and advanced equipment while offering young startup flexibility, reactivity, and creativity.

- Antenna design services through state-of-the-art simulation tools combined with our exclusive anechoic chamber

- 2D and 3D measurement services from 64MHz to 18GHz, using our state-of-the-art anechoic

- A full range of broadcast and telematics antenna products.

We provide our antenna products on glass, modules, and other materials.


SABCA Technologies is the new subsidiary of SABCA, the Belgian flagship of the aerospace industry, set up at the end of the year 2022 and located Louvain-la-Neuve.

SABCA Technologies is dedicated to the design and the manufacturing of actuation systems for the future, targeting aerospace, drones and defense applications making use of New Space approaches.

From 11/15/2022 to 11/17/2022

Space Tech Expo à Bremen

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