Full service in vibrations: coupling numerical simulation and experimental testing

Development of tailor-made acquisition and monitoring solutions

V2i's know-how is based on researches of international repute of the University of Liège in the field of structural dynamics and is continuously improved and updated by massive R&D programs.

As an engineering company specialized in mechanical vibrations, our skills cover:

  • Numerical simulation of structures and fatigue studies to predict their behaviour under environmental vibrations,
  • Testing of equipment under severe environment and data correlation with results from simulation,
  • A deep knowledge of fatigue phenomena to predict lifetime,
  • All associated services : instrumentation, tooling design and verification, specification definition and analysis,
  • Expertise in rotordynamics and vibrations of structures to detect and diagnose faulty behaviors,
  • Vibration and other physical quantities measurement, data collection and analysis onsite or in laboratories, high-sampling frequency signal analysis, advanced data processing in real-time and database operation.

In addition to these services, V2i acquired a strong experience in the development of tailor-made acquisition and monitoring systems for test rigs and zero-defect manufacturing applications in Aerospace and other fields of industry.


  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Safran / Rolls-Royce
  • Certified LabView Developers / NI Alliance Partner


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