Cegelec IMCS develops tailored solutions for multi-technical projects. We have developed advanced skills in the area of aerospace, rail and public transport infrastructures, Bagage Handling System, …. All safety critical projects are SIL2 certified.

We are specialized, among other things, in the design and realization of different types of real-time test benches, with hardware-in-the-loop capability. Our test system is known for its reliability and efficiency and has already been used in major projects. Our test system has been used, among others, for European space launchers for Ariane 5, 6 and Vega (to test the Vulcain engine, actuators, …).

The success is due to a scalable Measurement and Control system that we have developed. This system can be interfaced with both laboratory test benches and large test installation systems. The software developed is based on RTX operating system. Following the concept "from measurement to knowledge", our Measurement and Control system offers a wide range of functions such as test and measurement parameter high speed acquisition (up to 1μs), real-time processing, storage, archiving, …. All this while ensuring the safety of the bench and equipment under test. The system can also interfaced with a broad range of standard and customized subsystems trough a wide range of interface protocols.

More than a supplier of technical services, Cegelec is a partner who anticipates and thinks along with its customers. Transparency combined with a personal approach and an expertise of more than 50 years will guarantee you an excellent realization of your project. We can rely on our employees who give every day their utmost. Thanks to their expertise and knowhow we can offer innovative solutions, taking into account the life cycle cost of your installation.