Founded in 2006 by les Ateliers Jean Del’Cour, an non-profit sheltered workshop with a social integration aim, JD’C Innovation develops One-Stop Shop solutions tailored to each customer’s specific needs around three core activities : Composite, Connectics and Mechatronics.

With a focus on Defence and Aerospace, and more commonly, on innovative industrial processes, our competences range from build-to-print manufacturing to complete project management integrating several specialties, including collaborative design/development, prototyping, industrialization, certification/qualification and series production.

Composite :

  • Design of components + dedicated tooling. 
  • Metal-to-Composite reverse engineering. 
  • Development of Industrialization process, including integration of high precision mechanical components, electronics (RFID tags) and connectics.
  • Production : pre-preg manual lay-up with various epoxy matrix material (glass and carbon) + Autoclave or Oven curing.
  • Multi-material adhesive bonding, including ultrasonic and thermobonding.
  • Equipment : 
    • 3 ISO 8 (class 100000) Clean rooms (600 m²) dedicated to Fabrics Cutting / Wrapping / Bonding
    • Autoclave  : diameter: 2m – length: 3m – Max press. 10 bar – Max t° 200° - 4 internal vacuum sockets
    • Oven (section: 2mx2m – length: 3 m) Max t° 250° - 3 internal vacuum sockets.
    • High precision ultrasonic welding
    • Multi-material CNC machine. NDT ultrasonic control equipment
    • Automatized cutting equipment for prepreg fabrics

Connectics :

  • Design and Development of customized connecting devices for power, signal and IT. 
  • Prototyping, Industrialization
  • Development of dedicated test benches and programs.
  • Complete production management, including components supply, series production, final testing/control and logistics.

Mechatronics :

  • Design and Development, Prototyping, Qualification, Industrialization and Series Production of devices integrating electromechanical components, connectics and electronics. 

Quality Assurance:  JDC Innovation and Ateliers Jean Del’Cour are EN9100 – ISO 9001 certified.  Our Vacuum and Autoclave Polymerization Process are qualified by Airbus, Safran Aero Boosters and Sonaca.

Social engagement: Through the development of our activities, our #1 priority at JD’C group is to promote social integration through work, by providing socially disabled people with adapted jobs, completed with education programs and dedicated training.

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