Pulsaart is an initiative of AGC Automotive Europe created in 2021 that aims at providing an answer to all antenna connectivity challenges.

Our company is an end-to-end antenna system solution provider that offers the full range of servics related to connectivity development.

The highly skilled team of engineers benefits from the Japanese group's long experience and advanced equipment while offering young startup flexibility, reactivity, and creativity.

- Antenna design services through state-of-the-art simulation tools combined with our exclusive anechoic chamber

- 2D and 3D measurement services from 64MHz to 18GHz, using our state-of-the-art anechoic

- A full range of broadcast and telematics antenna products.

We provide our antenna products on glass, modules, and other materials.

Manufacturer-independent and antenna-agnostic enormous anechoic chambers are designed to measure and evaluate the performance of an electronic device’s reception of electromagnetic waves while blocking interference from the outside.

In addition, our facilities offer cutting-edge connectivity development and allow you to design and test a complete connectivity system.