With a team of more than 50 high-level designers, DELTATEC, a high-tech design company, is specialized in advanced hardware and software technologies with a strong focus on digital imaging applications, also embracing the recent Deep Learning/AI trend

The company is active in the industry sector (embedded systems, quality control projects), in the TV broadcast market (design of boards, automation of live shows), in the Industrial Vision (development of specific cameras) and in aerospace (on-board imaging subsystems, on-board computers, EGSE...)

Space became a strategic activity in 2005 with the development of flight systems performing image acquisition and/or processing.

In the space segment, DELTATEC’s role consists in designing data processing subsystems, with a focus on the electronics of cameras used in earth or sun observation satellites. Another major activity is the design of payload and on-board computers. DELTATEC is also focusing on the NewSpace, taking profit from its experience in both space and industry worlds.

In the ground segment, the activity of DELTATEC is based on the design of specific test beds and in video processing applications, which are both derived from similar activities for aeronautics and industry markets.

Based on its experience in the space sector and R&D activities in the scope of the Marshall Plan, DELTATEC also supports development of onboard equipment for aeronautics and drones sector.