Consolidated Precision Products Belgium is an investment casting facility using vacuum cas- ting techniques to produce structural castings, rotating blades and nozzle guide vanes for aeronautical gas turbines.

Consolidated Precision Products Belgium is a major supplier for the aerospace market including helicopter, missile and airplane engines.

Consolidated Precision Products Belgium has a subsidiary company named CPP-Slovakia in Slovakia Republic for low cost manufacturing and is part of CPP Corporation including 14 casting facilities in the USA and in Mexico pouring Aluminium, Magnesium and Superalloys.

Consolidated Precision Products Belgium has the strength and agility to exceed customers’ demanding expectations in a continuously changing business environment and is specialized in challenging products that require exotic alloys and complex geometries.

Consolidated Precision Products Belgium keeps aircraft flying by providing a wide array of critical components to the aerospace and defense industries.


CPP produces the entire line of hot gas path (HGP) components including Directionally Solidified (DS), Single Crystal (SC) and Equiaxed blades, nozzles guide vanes and structural castings. CPP also provides and manages such post-cast processes as machining, grinding and stem drilling. Product quality, technical capability, customer service, delivery response and cost effectiveness are key factors when choosing a casting vendor. With state-of-the-art facilities on two continents as well as superior expertise and service CPP Corporation is a recognized and major supplier of sand casting, investment cast products and services for the aerospace.

Consolidated Precision Products Belgium is certified NADCAP for special processes and the European aeronautical standard EN 9100:2009.