We deliver hyperspectral imagery.

Referenced, rectified, calibrated & corrected.

ScanWorld delivers products based on Earth Observation data to support regenerative agriculture and forestry worldwide.

In parallel, we are also developing an infrastructure to deliver affordable, hassle-free and easily accessible hyperspectral imagery and analytics.

This notably includes a constellation of hyperspectral satellites; the first launch being planned for mid-2024.

Hyperspectral data is a key tool to measure proteins, metabolizable energy, water, identify diseases, etc. – all of which are essential for the future of agriculture.

Areas of Applications :

Agriculture & Forestry : Drought or diseases alerts, life-cycle monitoring, ...

Environmental Monitoring : Water or land pollution, hazardous material detection, ...

Energy & Infrastructure : Leak detection, health monitoring, ...

Resources & Mining : Industrial footprint, minerals identification, ...

Our timeline :

TODAY : Database and aerial imagery Today  Database of hyperspectral aerial imagery, and on-demand flights

2023  Proof of concept in orbit Bi-monthly revisit rateSatellites

2025  First batch of 4 satellites Weekly revisit rate


About ConstellR


ConstellR will provide the world’s most precise as well as cost-effective global temperature monitoring system from low earth orbit to support agricultural decision making in time. Our precise temperature product will enable efficient management of input resources, e.g., in watering while improving yields and making yield estimates more accurate and accessible earlier than ever before. The first satellites are expected to launch in 2023 with an early demonstrator offering first commercial imagery already in early 2022.