HENALLUX - Haute Ecole Namur-Liège-Luxembourg

The Pierrard-Virton School of Engineering trains engineers in the fields of electromechanics and automation.

Engineers possess sound scientific, technical and ethical knowledge that enables them to :

- propose appropriate and innovative solutions to open problems 

- design new products and procedures to meet current needs

- use cutting-edge technologies in the field of robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital design, BIM, sustainable development, etc

- deal with the energy transition, universal digital 

- build sustainable engineering with responsible technology

- develop a global, collaborative and societal reflective approach

The research centre of the Pierrard-Virton School of Engineering offers a wide range of Continuing Education, Applied Research and Services to Society (FoRS).

Within this range of expertise, the FoRS research centre has particularly developed its skills in the disciplines of: modelling, automation, mechanics, robotics, production engineering, energy, life cycle analysis (LCA), computer science, the Internet of Things, data intelligence, machine learning and (cyber) security.

The FoRS unit and the students of the Pierrard-Virton School of Engineering are involved in research projects in partnership with local and international companies and universities in various settings :

- at the exploratory stage (tests, calculations, etc.) 

- in technical feasibility (prototyping, etc.)

- in software feasibility (web and/or mobile applications, etc.)

- for the development of new products, processes or services