Experts in loop heat pipes, a form of passive liquid cooling.

We are market leaders in the design, development and manufacturing of passive loop heat pipes.

Our solutions give you the freedom to design without thermal limitations, unlocking the best performance from your components and enabling your products to be the most competitive.

Calyos is a leading expert in the design and manufacture of two-phase thermal management systems. Calyos specifically focuses on loop heat pipes, micro-channel heat pipes and pulsating heat pipes. Calyos has developed several solutions for three specific cooling applications: power electronics, processors, and batteries. Calyos also develops custom solutions beyond those applications for example, engine oil heat recovery. Calyos primarily targets the E-Mobility and Computing markets, where electrification and data processing are creating ever-rising demand for new, disruptive thermal solutions. Our mission is to solve the greatest thermal challenges by enabling the adoption of the best, passive two-phase cooling solutions. Ensuring and delivering a sustainable approach to thermal management in the data-driven and electrified world we are creating.