Taipro Engineering stands for " Tailored microsystems improving your Product "  ​ 

Since 2009, Taipro Engineering performs high added value electronic and microelectronic projects. Our mission is to help you in your projects from your idea to production.


Sensor & Instrumentation

MEMS, Image sensor, IR sensor, Photodetector, ...  Multi sensors module, Smart sensors, Hybrid & Standard electronics, Components selection  ​ 

Advantages : Miniaturization, Resistance to harsh environments, Unlimited creativity

LED Lighting

LED module design, Driver design , Schematic & PCB design, Use of bare dies, Components selection, Prototyping & production

Advantages: Miniaturization, Thermal management, Efficiency, Harsh environments, High or low power, Time to market

Internet of Things

Electronic design, Components selection, Hybrid electronics, Prototyping & production

Advantages : ​Miniaturization, Energy saving, Harsh environments, Unlimited creativity, Time to market