MAKING your ELECTRONICS smaller, smarter, stronger.

nSilition is a leading analog and mixed-signal ASICs/SoCs and semiconductor IP provider for applications areas like wireline and wireless communication, industrial, automotive, medical and aerospace.


nSilition specializes in the development of industrial quality circuits, with expertise in mixed-signal, high-speed and/or low power analog and full-custom digital circuitry. nSilition's circuits employ various specific enhancements to improve power efficiency, yield and reliability.

The semiconductor IPs are available as ready-to-use design kits for most popular silicon technologies. nSilition's IC and IP design service offers top quality design, customization and support dedicated to your needs and your specifications.

The design team of nSilition has many years of hands-on industrial level design experience on various Analog and Mixed-Signal SoCs electronic systems, as well as their characterization and qualification for production. We will support you through the whole integration and product validation phase of the IC or IP.

ASIC Design

You have a mixed-signal electronic system on a printed circuit board?  You are assembling off-the-self components to build up a complex function?  Are you considering the development of a custom IC, dedicated to your products and fully tailored to your needs?  You want it

  • Cheaper (assembly costs, reduced BOM, embedded testing)
  • Smaller (in size, in weight)
  • More efficient (Higher speed, lesser power, higher yield)
  • Smarter (Reconfigurable)
  • Stronger (IP protection, data encoding, RFID, radiation tolerant)
  • Cleaner (no Pb, consumes less)
  • Dedicated (to your needs, to your standards)
  • Faster (time to market)

An ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) designed by nSilition is what you are looking for!  Each company and every project is different but nSilition will help you with custom services adapted to your needs from concept evaluation to production.

Design of two accelerometer chips and a power management chip

For a main leader company that designs and builds electrical systems for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets.

Radiation tolerance characterization of ICs 

For a company providing high-performance micro-satellites for Earth observation applications.

Design of high temperature IPs

For a leading company in high temperature semiconductor solutions, delivering standard products and custom solutions for extreme temperature and harsh environments.