Established in 1985, SENSY LOAD CELLS is a Belgian manufacturer of both standard and custom-made load cells, load pins, force and torque transducers. These sensors are intended for systems for force, torque and level measurement, load limitation and for all industrial sectors, including the most demanding ones, such as in industry, Oil & Gas and Aerospace.

We are used to working for the aerospace and space sectors. Here are some applications examples of our standard and custom-made force sensors : stabilizer propulsion; sensors for cylinders; fatigue simulations; multi-axis measurement of force and torque for wind-tunnel testing; dual instrumentation designed for turbulence; force and torque actuators measurement; testing embedded systems; etc.

One of our major achievements is to work for ESA (European Space Agence) and also for some helicopters, airplanes and UAV’s manufacturers. Some of our load cells are incorporated in VEGA and ARIANE rockets.

SENSY’s quality system is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our procedures and processes are in accordance with the EN9100 quality standards. We are also ATEX, IECEx and CSA certified in order to produce and sell intrinsic safety transducers all over the world.