NDTPRO SRL is a small company born in 2007 to offer Level 3 NDT consultancy to all companies from Aerospace & Defense Sector.  Level 3 job is defined into aerospace standard EN4179 (qualification and certification of personnel performing nondestructive testing (NDT), nondestructive inspection (NDI), or nondestructive evaluation (NDE) in the aerospace manufacturing, service, maintenance and overhaul industries.

The activity is done on each of the following industrial methods used to check the quality of the material (usually Steel, Aluminum or Titanium alloy and composite parts)

  • Liquid penetrant (PT)
  • Magnetic particle (MT)
  • Thermography (IRT)
  • Shearography (ST)
  • Eddy current (ET)
  • Ultrasonic (UT)
  • Radiography (RT)


For each method, Level 3 from NDTPRO must:

  • Have the skills and knowledge to interpret codes, standards, and other contractual documents that control the NDT method(s).
  • Be capable of assuming technical responsibility for the NDT facility and staff.
  • Be capable of selecting the method and technique for a specific inspection.  
  • Be capable of preparing and verifying the adequacy of procedures and work instructions.
  • Approve NDT procedures and work instructions for technical adequacy.  
  • Have a general knowledge of other NDT methods and product manufacturing and inspection technologies used by the employer. 
  • Have a basic knowledge of aircraft or vehicle maintenance.
  • Be capable of providing or directing training, examination, and certification of personnel.  
  • Conduct NDT for the acceptance of parts and document the results.
  • Be capable of auditing outside agencies to ensure the technical requirements of NDT are met.
  • Assist all companies to take NADCAP accreditation in the field of NDT


NDTPRO makes this job for most of the aerospace companies in Belgium including Sonaca, Sabca, Asco, Sabena Aerospace, Technical Airborne Components, Precimetal, Settas, Mecaspring, Capaul, Britte and MPP, but is also active outside Belgium (in Canada and China for Safran Group).

NDTPRO responsible level 3 is accredited by Airbus, Rolls Royce, Safran, Boeing and ASNT (American Society for Non Destructive Testing),  based on PhD in NDT Sciences.