Centexbel is the acredited research center and scientific and technical center of the belgian textile industry.


State-of-the-art lab equipment ISO 17025 accredited labs, specialized in the evaluation of the mechanical, physical, chemical, microbiological properties and burning behaviour of textiles

Functional Thermoplastic Textiles

Formulation of (bio)polymers, polymer blends and recyclates with functional additives compatibilisation recycled polymers and polymer blends further processing including fibre-reinforced composites and 3D printing (additive manufacturing) multiple thermoplastic textile developments for new markets

Textile Functionalisation & Surface Modification

Material development for optimised textile properties matching performance and legislative requirements optimising sustainable textile processing: UV-LED curing, hotmelt, plasma technology biobased additives creating energy harvesting and storing (bio)textiles exploring market opportunities

Health, Safety & Security

Hygiene and barrier functions of medical textiles advanced protection and comfort for enhanced safety equipment biocompatible materials for medical applications

Plastics Characterisation, Processing & Recycling

Material characterisation: identification of properties and processability industrial valorisation of biopolymers eco-friendly functionalisation polymer recycling and compatibilisation