Stemme Belgium is a new company based in the airfield of Namur.

Stemme Belgium is a subsidiary company of the German company Stemme AG owned since 20 years by Olivier de Spoelberch. Stemme AG represent more than 120 employees in Germany. Since more than 40 years Stemme imagine and build ultra performer gliders with retractable engine. The system of the S12 glider is totally unique with a retractable propeller in the front of the glider. The S12 is a glider capable to flight more than 2.400 kilometers in one day without engine.

Stemme Belgium is based in Wallonia to imagine with Sonaca and Sabena a drone capable to flight in the stratosphere to make some earth obervation. This join venture between those three companies is very ambitious. We expect to flight in the stratosphere at the end of 2020.