Qualitics is a Belgian innovative company specialized in drone’s inspections and materials recognition base on AI technologies in real time. We work already with several companies in Europe especially in the energetic area. We are also developing other markets opportunities where some proofs of concepts are ongoing

Qualitics is a company which provide automated solutions to use industrial drones for aerial infrastructure inspections and power lines assets inspections. Regarding actual standards for human inspection, aerial inspection is a huge step forward that enables our clients to inspect smoothly and accurately the state of their infrastructures. It is also a tremendous improvement in terms of safety for the manworkers during inspections as well as for the inspected asset itself. Qualitics developed its own product with the use of artificial intelligence and based on the latest technology including embedded super computer GPU. It recognizes in real time various equipment and can conduct inspection with its automated pilot that optimize flight time and make easier flight control at operator level.  The product called « A-Eye » is developed by our internal experts team and validated by professional UAV pilots recognized internationally within the drone community. By selecting the latest powerful hardware and IA technology we are proud to say being in advance in the inspection sector regarding other implementation on the market.