SCOUP, prototypes, tests, develops, industrialises and produces components and actuators for aeronautic and space fluid systems.

Most R&D activity is currently focused on Shape Memory Alloy couplings for pipes which are being developed within the frame of three ESA projects and for which an aerospace compatible supply-chain is being set up.

SCOUP is open to new partnerships within the frame of ESA, EU and other projects.

The company develops above mentioned products internally and with the help of strategic partners. Components are validated mainly in own facilities presented below, which are also available for outsourcing.

The laboratory is equipped with

  • Helium bench (up to 400 bar) with mass spectrometer leak detector, vacuum chamber (10^-8bar) and climatic control
  • ISO5 area with laminar flow with optical cleanliness analysis equipment
  • Dynamic test facilities (Shaker for resonance search, Sinus and Random tests)
  • Hydraulic test facilities up to 1300 bar, liquid pressure drop bench...
  • Specialised metrology (including surface scanner in nanometer range)
  • Electronic diagnosis equipment 
  • Equipment for metallographic analysis.

Processes (for prototyping of small components)

  • High precision CNC turning
  • Electroplating (Au, Ni)
  • High precision polishing/lapping
  • Cryogenic thermo-mechanical treatment

Within ESA projects, the company also conducts numeric simulations in the field of mechanics, flow dynamics and magnetic analysis with own tools/models that are validated by tests.

Currently, a process is underway for customising own space products for non-aerospace applications.