Tests of electronic devices

CYCLONE, the cyclotron of Louvain-la-Neuve is able to accelerate different types of ions which may be used for the characterization of electronic components.

Several beam lines are used for these tests : Heavy Ion Facility (HIF), Light Ion Facility (LIF), Neutron Irradiation Facility (NIF).

A Cobalt60 source is also proposed for Gamma Irradiation (GIF)

The beam time planning is defined every six months for the heavy and light ions. If you want to reserve a period, please send us the beam request form on our website. For other types of beams, please contact us.

Beam parameters for Heavy ion Facility (HIF):

The beam flux is variable between a few particles/(sec.cm2) and 1.5E4 particles/(sec.cm2). The beam flux can be modified from the user station, this is done with injection grids (for a constant attenuation factor) or by inflector bias variations (for intermediates values). The homogeneity is ± 10 % on a 25 mm diameter.

 Light Ion Facility (LIF) 

Available energies @ LIF  Different available energies have been calculated using SRIM code taking the different beam line items into account (beam diffusion foil, pressure window, air and transmission chamber).  With a combination of 5 blocs, 17 different energies are possible at the DUT position

For the 10MeV beam (produced with 5 degradors from a 65MeV primary beam), the FWHM is 5 MeV.  Flux  For beam flux, the health physics department sets the maximal limit to 2E8 part/s.cm².  Lower beam flux can be reached, down to a few thousand part/s.cm².  Higher beam flux can also be available on special request.  Homogeneity  A +/- 10% homogeneity has been measured over 80mm in the horizontal direction and over 80mm in the vertical direction