Telespazio Belgium, a subsidiary of Telespazio (a joint venture between Leonardo, 67%, and Thales, 33%), provides cutting-edge services and applications, engineering services and support in the field of space programs and high technology projects.

As part of one of the world’s leading operators in the field of satellite solutions and services, Telespazio Belgium is at the forefront of providing advanced and innovative satellite services in navigation, earth observation and space operations

Formerly operating under the name Vitrociset Belgium, the company, located in Transinne, in the Galaxia park, has been present in Belgium for 40 years, initially supporting the operations of the ESA Redu Ground Station, and now mainly focused on the Integrated Logistic Support of the Galileo ground segment remote sites and the provision of high quality engineering support to agencies and manufacturing companies in the space domain.

The company employs more than 150 people of 24 different nationalities with an average age of 39. In 2020, it achieved a turnover of over 44 million euros and a net profit of 2.7 million euros.

The integration of Vitrociset’s competences within the Telespazio group offers great opportunities for Belgium to position itself as one of the European leaders in research and development in the space sector.

It is important to underline how the company, by its nature and its international contacts, can also represent a bridge between local interests and the international dimension, thus contributing to the maximum achievement of Belgium’s ambitions.

Telespazio is involved in a large number of projects aimed at improving space services in a wide range of domains: advanced services for agriculture, maritime traffic and disaster management, navigation and telecommunications services, cybersecurity, etc. These services aim to improve the use of satellites and make the most of the data they produce in order to be more efficient.

Telespazio Belgium offers high-tech solutions in these areas and provides engineering and advanced logistics services to the systems that implement them.

The monitoring of the operations of the Galileo stations around the world from the Galileo Integrated Logistic Support Centre in Transinne is a perfect example of the important role we play on an international level. So, while Telespazio Belgium has its head in space, it has its feet firmly planted on the ground, working for a future of sustainability and innovation.