Established since 1988, SPACEBEL is a Space systems and software engineering company that has grown in the Space market to become a trusted developer of advanced IT solutions and a related service provider.
SPACEBEL is also in the international mix of small satellite system suppliers.

The company operates in the Space and Earth observation applications sectors, serving Space agencies, government departments, major aerospace companies, European institutions as well as the commercial market.

SPACEBEL is active in several domains including Earth observation, Space flight, science, telecoms, navigation, exploration, launchers, balloons and Space situational awareness.

Our skills range from the design, development, integration, validation of IT systems for the Space industry over geospatial information systems and services to the mission definition and analysis of Earth observation mini satellites.

  • SPACEBEL delivers on-board control and data handling software for satellites and space vehicles, satellite simulators, control and mission centres as well as EO Web services provisioning infrastructures. So far, SPACEBEL has contributed to the success of more than 50 Space missions aimed at a better understanding of the Earth and the Universe.
  • SPACEBEL offers Earth observation services for forestry, agriculture, soil movements and natural resources management and contributes to help decision makers worldwide in protecting and improving people’s life sphere.
  • SPACEBEL has the capacity to provide complete Earth observation solutions, including user requirements and system definition.

SPACEBEL offices are located in Belgium (Liège & Hoeilaart) and France (Toulouse).

Associated corporations: N7 Space (Poland) and ConstellR (Germany-Belgium)