M3 Systems Belgium provides a unique expertise in engineering services and technical solutions for satellite navigation applications.
M3 Systems Belgium brings its expertise in the definition and the assessment of innovative GNSS algorithms and GNSS receiver architectures, in real GNSS data collection, and in the analysis of GNSS performances.

Location-Based Services development

The applications of satellite radio navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO) have increased dramatically in recent years. M3 Systems Belgium has specialized in the development of location-based services that require a high performance level and the capability to provide a measure of the positioning information level of confidence.

Satellite signal processing

Signal spoofing and jamming are amongst the major threats of GNSS systems. M3 Systems Belgium has developed a recognised expertise in the assessment of GNSS systems vulnerability.

Based on simulation and/or on real data collection, M3 Systems Belgium is capable of characterising the impact of interference on GNSS performances. The company has also developed competencies in advanced mitigation algorithms.

Performance evaluation

The ongoing GNSS upgrade, and the deployment of augmentation systems (WAAS, EGNOS, differential GPS, pseudolite...) have raised the need for performance evaluation.  M3 Systems Belgium has become a renowned

partner of institutional actors (such as ESA) for GNSS performance evaluation, including GNSS signal-in-space and receiver performances, data collection and analysis, test bench.