Optical Systems, designed and built for you, designed and built for the field.

Lambda-X provides engineering services for customized space & security optical systems working in severe environments. The company is active on the following applications: Science Payloads for ISS or Sounding Rockets, Optical Payloads for Earth Observation, Metrology & Vision systems for Space exploration.    

Thanks to heritage coming from the development of more than 30 instruments deployed in Space since 1996, Lambda-X offers support to its customer in the following areas:

Concept & Design: Lambda-X experience includes a wide range of optical technologies, such as deflectometry, microscopy, hyperspectral imaging, light scattering, tomography and many more… The solutions implemented in Lambda-X systems often combine several technologies into a single instrument, taking into account the constraints brought by allocated volume, broad temperature range of operation, mass budget, delivery time and cost. Lambda-X owns 4 patents related to optical methods.      

Performance Validation: Lambda-X optical laboratory, equipped with various alignment and metrology tools, offers the possibility of a fast experimental validation of proposed concept.

Qualification: Starting from environmental constraints data, Lambda-X can take in charge the management of product full qualification plan.   

Manufacturing & Test in Production: Using its 650 m2 clean room facilities, Lambda-X owns the mandatory infrastructure for hardware production following space and military standards.  

 Lambda-X is certified ISO 9001 & EN 9100.