From satellite images to actionable insights 

GIM helps public and private customers understanding and better managing our changing environment. GIM is able to build on over 15 years’ experience in integrated solutions for processing and analysing countless types of satellite, aerial and drone images, from optical to radar. We deliver solutions across the environmental, agricultural and urban sectors specializing in high and very high resolution satellite imagery, automated features extraction, customized land use land cover mapping and change detection.


GIM is at the forefront of developments in image processing with a particular focus on advanced processing chain automation. Time series of images are analysed in near real time to derive geoinformation supporting the business and decision making of our clients.
Not only maps are produced but complex geostatistical and spatial analyses are applied to deliver specific information that can be directly integrated in the business practices of our clients. GIM delivers information services in application areas such as precision farming, urban planning, environment and natural resources management, infrastructure development or e-health. GIM is serving large international industrial and multi-lateral organizations, has a long track record in working with ESA and public authorities and has the ability to process large volumes of very high resolution imagery as for instance for the prestigious Gates Foundation in the context of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.


GIM is an official distributor of imagery from most of the high resolution sensors available to date like GeoEye, WorldView, SPOT 1 to 7, Pléiades, Skysat, PlanetScope, RapidEye, Kompsat, Cosmo-Skymed, TerraSAR- X, etc. GIM also offers a wide range of topographical data (i.e. DEM, DSM and DTM) as well as standard data pre-processing services (e.g. atmospheric correction, orthorectification, mosaicking).


GIM capitalizes on its geo-ICT expertise to design and deploy web services applications and data infrastructures based on Open Standards for the management and visualization of Earth Observation data and metadata for several of its customers.